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POWER BI DA-100 Personalized Training

If you wish to Learn Power BI for Your Current Job, Entering a New Job or wanted to attend the Exam for certification, you can reach us to know more about this Training.

- This training will be completely personalized

- Instructional Training which will happen on the Participant's PC / Laptop screen

- 5 Different Projects with Different Data sets with realistic examples.

- How to Create a Profit and Loss Account

- HR Analytics

- Customer Analysis

- Budgeting Analysis

- Overall Business Analysis

- Complete Understanding of ETL

- How to create Star Schema and what is Data Modelling

- Best Practices while using Power BI

- What are the best practices use DAX and how to memorize the same

- Power BI Service

- Workspaces, Apps

- Data Flows, Managing Gateway

- Auto Refresh, Dynamic Row Level Security,

- Paginated Reports

and all required for DA 100.

Please call us at 9611344773 for a Details.

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