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How to create Complete Excel Dash Board in 15 minutes

Why you use Excel?

The answer from many Excel users is - "We create Reports / Dashboards"

But the creation of reports by using Formulae or Pivot table will vary from user to user.

What is the minimum / maximum time will be spent by you to create any Report containing

multiple Years?

The answer I heard most of the time varying from 1 Day to Many Days. Of course very few said they took few hours to complete. But is there any way to create in 15 minutes. Yes "Fifteen Minutes". In this Video I have explained how to achieve below items in just 15 minutes:

How to Create almost 5 Pivot Tables and then 5 Charts from the Data of 5 Years.

- Once the Pivot Tables and Report is Completed, you need to just add the incremental Data and Refresh the Pivot Table and THAT's IT.

- The Report is Live and Dynamic.

Watch this Video to know more about Pivot Tables, Dynamic Tables, Slicers, Slicer Connections. Keep Learning ! 😎

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