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How to Create A Complete PowerPoint Deck - Direct from Excel Dashboard with Few Buttons (Macros)

Creating PowerPoint is one big task while preparing for any Special events like Monthly/Quarterly Business Performance Meetings!

It is my personal experience that how much time will be invested to create Excel Reports and Dashboards and Top of that creating Creative / Exciting PowerPoint Presentations

More over Copy Paste from Excel to PowerPoint (repeatedly and Align to the slides) is another hectic activity and very unproductive and irritating too!

So, what if you can just press few buttons and your PowerPoint Presentation is ready without performing unproductive Copy / Paste / Align (Iteration).

In the below videos I have explained how to get rid of such repeated activity and just create a VBA event which does all activity on its own and your job is just to decide which slide to take which Chart/Picture/Text.

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